Our Work in Peru

WPI is best known for our extensive scientific research at the ancient Machu Picchu site near Cusco, Peru, and our Machu Picchu calendars. WPI directors have done research at Machu Picchu since 1994, performing studies to determine the Inca’s agricultural practices, drainage techniques, hydrologic and hydraulic abilities, planning capabilities, construction methods, and even the existence of a previously uncharted Inca trail. WPI tested pollen types from Machu Picchu to determine the likely crops, medicinal plants and other foliage existing there during the time of occupation. Our most recent field trip to Machu Picchu involved the discovery of more trails. Our work at Machu Picchu has resulted in  the publication of three books by WPI directors:

Machu Picchu Revealed by Ruth M. Wright, Published in 2008 by Johnson Press and available from Johnson Press and Amazon.com.
The Machu Picchu Guidebook; A Self-guided Tour by Ruth M. Wright and Dr. Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, published in 2004 by Johnson Press and available from Johnson Press and Amazon.com.
Machu Picchu; A Civil Engineering Marvel, by Kenneth R. Wright, Dr.  Alfredo Valencia Zegarra, Ruth M. Wright and Dr. Gordon McEwan, published by ASCE Press in November 2000 and in Spanish by Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in 2006. Available from ASCE Press.

After our studies at Machu Picchu, we performed similar investigations at the Inca sites of Tipon and Moray.  ASCE Press has published our books on these two sites as well:

Tipon: Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire by Ken Wright, available from ASCE Press and Amazon.com.
Moray: Inca Engineering Mystery by Ken and Ruth Wright, Alfredo Valencia Zegarra and Gordon McEwan, available from ASCE Press and Amazon.com.

Currently, we are doing research on the Incamisana and Manyaraqi areas of Ollantaytambo.  Studies there have addressed the hydraulics of the Incamisana and Manyaraqi channels and fountains and the mountain water supply for the site.