Part of WPI’s mission is to contribute to public education on ancient water resources management.

Publications by WPI on the Ancestral Pueblo People of the Four Corners Region

Anasazi Projects Summary

Two Story House: Was W.H. Jackson Right About the Water Cistern? by Greg Hobbs

Ancestral Puebloan Water Handling by Ken Wright

Ancient Erosion and Sediment Management By Ken Wright, Eric Bikis and Ernest Pemberton

ASCE Recognizes Mesa Verde Prehistoric Reservoirs by Ken Wright, Eric Bikis and Ernest Pemberton

Goodman Point Paleohydrology

Mug House Cistern Hydrology 5MV1586

Repeat Photography at Chaco Canyon Based on Photographs Made During the 1896-1899
Hyde Expedition and in the 1970s by Harold E. Malde

Box Elder Reservoir Paleohydrology 5MV4505

     Part 1

     Part 2

     Part 3

The 1969 Mummy Lake Excavations Site 5MV833 Mesa Verde National Park by David A.  Breternitz, Ph.D.

The 1998-1999 Paleohydrology Study of Mummy Lake Site 5MV833

The 1972 and 1974 Excavations of a Potential Prehistoric Reservoir (5MV1936) by Jack Smith, Ph.D.

Sagebrush Reservoir 5MV1936 Final Report

1967 Excavations at Site 5MV1931 Morefield Canyon by Jack E. Smith, Ph.D., and
Ezra Zubrow, Ph.D.

Final Report Morefield Canyon Reservoir Paleohydrology Site 5MV1931

Publications by WPI on the Inca

A True Test of Sustainability by Ken Wright


Mysterious Moray: Incan Embellishment Reflected on the Ground by Ken Wright


Tipon: Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire by Ken and Ruth Wright, Alfredo Valencia Zegarra and Gordon McEwan

Machu Picchu

Surveying Machu Picchu by Ken and Ruth Wright

Maté at Machu Picchu: Tea of the Prehistoric Inca by Ken and Ruth Wright

Machu Picchu: Prehistoric Sustainable Water Systems

The Stonemasons of Machu Picchu by Ken Wright, Andrew Earles and Eric Bikis

Archaeological Exploration of the East Flank of the Inca Trail, East Flank of Machu Picchu

A Highway Drainage Marvel by Ken Wright, Andrew Earles, Dave Foss and Alexander Merle-Smith

Machu Picchu Soil Stewardship by Kenneth Wright and Kurt Loptien

Machu Picchu: A Work in Progress by Kenneth Wright, Andrew Earles and Eric Bikis

Unknown Trails to Machu Picchu by Ken Wright, David Foss, Andrew Earles and Alexander Merle-Smith

Publications by WPI on the Romans

Exploring Pompeii’s Water Supply by Wayne Lorenz

Ancient Roman Valves by Wayne Lorenz

Barbegal Watermills: Romes’ Revolutionary Power by Wayne Lorenz

Ancient Water Quality: Roman Engineering of the Barbegal Mill by Wayne Lorenz and Phillip Wolfram

Ancient Pompeii Water Supply: Sources, Routes, Hydraulics of the Aqueducts by Wayne Lorenz, Giovanni De Feo, Erik Baros and Sabino De Gisi

Water Flow to the Ancient Industrial Mill Site of Barbegal by Wayne Lorenz, Phillip Wolfram and Phillipe Castermans

Pompeii (and Rome) Water Supply Systems

Arches Have No Rivals by Wayne Lorenz and Phillip Wolfram

Barbegal Mill and Aqueduct System

Ancient Roman Water Development in France by Wayne Lorenz

Publications about WPI

Ancestral Pueblo Work

A Place of Their Own

Mesa Verde’s Prehistoric Hydrologists

New Insight about Water at Mesa Verde by Joe Hanel

Mesa Verde’s ‘Pioneers’ Honored by ASCE by Shane Benjamin

Water Engineering by the Early People

Our Work in Peru

Especialistas e studian legado de la ingenieria inca by Vanessa Romo

Mystery Circles of the Andes by Roger Atwood

The Wright Stuff-Dahran to Machu Picchu from Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah

ASCE Designates Incan Sites as Engineering Landmarks by C.J. Schexnayder

ASCE Honors Machu Picchu and Tipon


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